Workbench Features

     My goal:  I wanted a large, sturdy work table where:

  • I could work standing up or sitting down.

  • The top was smooth and free of obstructions.

  • The bench dimensions could be no more than 4 x 8.

  • All my power (bench-top & hand-power) and other tools were readily available.

  • I did not have to spend any time (less than one minute) setting up or stowing my power tools.

  • There was efficient utilization of space within the workbench.

  • The workbench would fit into my current (small space) garage arrangement.

  • Not only would I have instant access to my power tools, but also the workbench top could be used as an extension to those bench-top power tools (and my table saw) that needed a longer bed to support for larger pieces of lumber.

  • The workbench had to house a lathe, compound power miter saw, bench grinder, router table, planer, and two vises.  In addition, it had to house various hand-power and manual tools.

  • Lots of built-ins and storage space.

  • A lip around the top edges for clamping work in progress.



  • Flat, clutter-free 4' x 8' 3" work table (clutter-free except for bench-top mounted small vise)

  • Bench top is same height as table saw and is positioned so it can be used as an extension table for larger/longer pieces

  • Awesome utilization of space.

  • Power tools (planer, power miter saw, router table, bench grinder, lathe) all built into the bench and can be easily set up in under 1 minute, or can easily disappear in the same amount of time.  (Bench grinder has yet to be purchased and installed.)

  • All power tools are bench height and can use the bench top as extensions to the individual beds and tables.

  • Three-sided access to the workbench.

  • Since the power tools are built into the workbench, no extra storage space is needed.

  • There is a 1-1/4 lip around the top of the workbench (4 sides) for clamping.

  • A 42 x 36 removable assembly table can be positioned anywhere across the front of the workbench.

  • Storage space for hand tools and hand power tools under the workbench bench top.

  • There are two (2) 28" x 39 1/2" drawers on rollers under the workbench and other drawers for additional storage.

  • Built-in vacuum system

Workbench top shot with all tools stowed

Front view

Front close-up right - Drawers/power hand tool shelf

Front close-up center - Drawers/Delta Planer

Front close-up left - Drawer/Miter Saw(stowed)/shop vacuum

Lathe - Releasing top support

Lathe - Rotating top to expose lathe

Lathe - Rotating top

Lathe - Positioning lathe locking support

Lathe - Ready to use in less than 30 seconds

Planer - Removing bench top cover for planer

Planer - Rotating planer up

Planer - ready to use in less than 30 seconds (table top cover is on the right)

Planer cover close-up

Miter Saw - Removing bench top cover

Miter Saw - stowed - top cover removed

Miter Saw - pulling saw up from stowed position

Miter Saw - Raising to install working support

Miter Saw - ready to use in less than 30 seconds

Miter saw top cover - close-up

Router Table - top covered

Router Table - Removing inset cover

Router Table - removing bench top cover

Router table - stowed

Router Table - Rotating up from stowed position

Router Table - Raising to install working support

Router table

Router table with cutout removed - ready to go in less than 30 seconds

Drawer storage under Miter saw

Drawer storage in middle

Drawer storage over power hand tool shelf

Under shelf drawers on wheels

Power hand tool shelf - cords are plugged in ready to grab and use

Power hand tool shelf close-up

Removable Assembly table installed - can be positioned anywhere across the front of the workbench

Removable assembly table - showing supports

Shop vacuum - hooked to PVC to power built-in vacuum system

Built-in vacuum system - pipes to shop vac and input #1

Built-in vacuum system - pipes to inputs #2 and #3

Built-in vacuum system - input #2

Built-in vacuum system - pipe to input #3

Built-in vacuum system - input #3

Built-in vacuum system - using the system

Built-in vacuum system - input #1

Metal (right) and wood (left) vises

Back shot of workbench

Miter saw and router table ready to use

Top shot of Miter saw and Router table, both stowed before replacing top covers